Our Work.

Fully immersive.

San Miguel wanted to inspire millennial drinkers to see it as an aspirational band with a premium point of view and values. The brief was to take the existing idea of The San Miguel Rich List, which focuses on a different kind of wealth, and amplify it beyond its previous scope.


Print, digital & experiential

Our solution.

As The San Miguel Rich List is all about the value of experience, celebrating incredible people who are truly pushing the boundaries and our expectations, we wanted to really bring this to life for our readers. We knew this would resonate strongly with them, as they value highly life achievement and experience.

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We connected with our readers across multiple touch points, from a recruitment drive for the list itself, to a 16-page magazine, in-station activations across the UK, an online hub, a VR film, and a significant social campaign.


We produced 500,000 copies of The San Miguel Rich List magazine and distributed it with ES Magazine across the UK.

All the photography was specially commissioned. We utilised our global network of photographers and shot in 17 locations across 7countries.


This was our highest-reaching social campaign of the year generating more than 10 million impressions. The content resonated highly with our audience and was re-shared by highly influential social accounts that responded strongly to the aspirational content of both the video and native articles.

VR film.

Sunny Stroeer, our fascinating mountain free runner, was the star of our VR film, shot over four days on the Matterhorn.

VR added an extra dimension to the campaign with brand perceptions increasing more than for those who hadn't seen the film.

Watch our case study video.

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The results.

Awareness of The San Miguel Rich List increased by 227% in just 24 hours (from 11% on 11 October to 36% on 12 October, as measured by on-street interviews). In total, 45% of all London commuters had seen The San Miguel Rich List (either picked up a copy or seen someone else's) and more than half of those who saw the campaign agreed that the list differentiated it from other beer brands.

More than two thirds of those who saw the VR film agreed the video really brought the concept to life. Best of all, 39% of those who saw the campaign said they were more likely to drink San Miguel as a result.