Our Work.

The Guide to Proper TV.

In a crowded snack market, ProperCorn had built its brand on single serve ‘on-the go’ packs – but the growth opportunity lay in sharing-bags and multi-packs in the fight for retailer shelf space.


Print & digital

Our solution.

Popcorn and chill! We gave our audiences across the UK a quality, curated 'Guide to Proper TV' – TV sharing moments for our audience to make time in the coming months.

propercorn Es Cover Wrap
Esi Media Propercorn Digital

Over six months, the four-page monthly section featured in the Evening Standard. It included native editorial content including interviews with stars, listicles and content around our pick of the best programmes, framed with ProperCorn display and advertorial ad placements.


Coverwraps, branded vendors, ProperCorn sampling and mini-guide sampling across the UK created high-impact presence to promote new packaging and a new chocolate flavour.

Digital & Real-time.

We created a bespoke channel in the ‘Staying In’ section of independent.co.uk and standard.co.uk.

Using data analytics, we picked TV and film-related editorial trending articles, roadblocking these at the peak of popularity bringing readers through to ‘The Guide to Proper TV’. We ran entire takeovers of key TV topics such as Love Island and the Live articles of the Royal Wedding coverage, ensuring target audiences were fully engaged with the campaign.

We extended the partnership further with ProperCorn samples at reader film screenings and our London Fashion Week party. Founder Cass Stavrou spoke at our RE:Set event and ProperCorn supported our Felix Project charity.

The results.

Proper sales results for an eye-popping partnership with ProperCorn.

Contextual content

“The level of collaboration from ESI and Bountiful Cow meant that ProperCorn were able to optimise all elements of the partnership. The content created is perfect for ProperCorn and the ability to associate our brand with such moments is key.”

Wayne Newton,
Marketing Director, ProperCorn