Our Work.

Save the kiwi.

Old Mout wanted to drive awareness of the endangered kiwi and define their role in this activity through a PR-able campaign that needed an emotional hook.


Print & digital

Our solution.

To use our powerful editorial voice and authority in campaigning, to generate a voice and profile for Old Mout’s Save the Kiwi campaign.

To evoke an emotional reaction in our audience through a range of media from serious, hard-hitting articles to positive success stories.

Esi Casestudy Oldmout 01
Esi Casestudy Oldmout 02

Compelling content.

Readers were told the story of the kiwi through a range of formats.

A fun, interactive quiz asked ‘what endangered animal are you’ associating Old Mout with not only the plight of the kiwi, but the whole of the conservation movement.

Utilising influencers.

Michaela Strachan, a known wildlife authority, hosted a series of videos, in New Zealand, to educate and inspire readers to get involved in the campaign.

Old Mout Video Preview

Large-scale exposure.

A competition to win a trip to New Zealand added a contextual and exciting element to the campaign where the winner could meet kiwis.

We used ESI’s RealTime dashboard to deliver Old Mout ads in real-time via print and online news channels to create high impact against relevant content, at the right time.

The results