Our Work.

Providing high-impact creative opportunities.

Cover wraps are capable of creating instant impact, which because of their size and position, reach beyond Evening Standard readers to include others in their proximity on the commute home.

These mini billboard spaces can generate high awareness among a hard-to-reach commuting audience with just a single exposure. They provide an ideal platform for launches and time-sensitive messaging.




Sky wanted to amplify the hotly-anticipated launch of Season 7 of Game of Thrones. Its key objective was to highlight the Winter is Here message in a highly impactful and disruptive way.

In one of the most original issues ESI Media has ever run, the front of the Evening Standard was replaced with frosted paper, with the Winter is Here messaging visible underneath. Further frosted pages ran throughout the paper revealing Game of Thrones characters, creating an unmissable campaign that totally dominated the newspaper on launch day.

San Miguel.

San Miguel ran a cover wrap as part of its Rich List campaign with us. It wanted to create a lot of noise around the launch of its Rich List magazine.

The cover wrap was seen by 64% of all commuters regardless of whether they had picked up a copy of the Evening Standard that day. Furthermore, 1 in 4 commuters who noticed the cover wrap were able to specifically identify that it was about the San Miguel Rich List (46% identified it as San Miguel).


As part of Kronenbourg's witty campaign aligning the brand with trending news stories, it created a cover wrap to celebrate the gifting season.

Not only did 63% of regular Evening Standard readers recall it, but 85% also agreed the wrap really stood out. Furthermore, 65% agreed that the cover wrap made them want to drink Kronenbourg and 63% wanted to buy the featured gift box.


Canada Goose.

Canada Goose's new lightweight range was a different direction for the brand so it needed to change perceptions among its young, cultured and wealthy audience.

The centrepiece of the campaign was a translucent cover wrap around ES Magazine.

A branded overlay of a grey outdoor scene was printed on specially sourced translucent paper and lifted away to reveal the hero product from the new range.

A total of 75% recalled the cover wrap, and 75% agreed without the wrap they wouldn't have been aware of the lightweight jackets.