The Independent celebrates a full quarter as the largest quality digital newsbrand in the UK.

  • The Independent remains the UK’s largest quality news site

The Independent remains the largest quality digital newsbrand in the UK for the third month running, posting 24.7m UK unique visitors in January, according to Comscore figures.

This is the third consecutive month that The Independent has had a larger UK audience than The Guardian, remaining at the top of the quality newsbrand tree since November.

In the digital pureplay market, The Independent's audience is larger than Buzzfeed, HuffPost and Vice combined.

“January brought many complex stories, from the flashpoint between the US and Iran to the concerns over coronavirus. With such important events dominating the agenda, the high-quality digital press plays an important role providing trustworthy live coverage and in-depth analysis. I’m delighted to see The Independent again leading the way online for quality news brands, and thank our readers for their support.”
Christian Broughton , Editor, The Independent
“Increasingly, UK readers are turning to The Independent for thought-provoking, incisive news and comment. We welcome their engagement and commit to deliver that content through our full range of web, mobile and app services.”
Zach Leonard , CEO, The Independent
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