The Evening Standard's fresh new look.

On Monday 6 July, the Evening Standard launched a fresh new look.

New editor Emily Sheffield said: “Post Covid I wanted to imbue the paper with a new energy to reflect our great city coming back to life. There are new sections and new columnists.”

The new sections are:

  • The Escapist: Your new section dedicated to self, wellness and hot destinations. First up — swapping Soho for Somerset
  • The Reveller: Our brilliant restaurant critics in Fork & Talk and everything in between for revelling your way around London
  • The Insider: Style, sass and daily smarts. This week, one fashion influencer on tackling couture week virtually
  • Weekend: Culture, beats, hot shows and big screens. All you need for your London weekend
  • And as always our award-winning Business section every day, the best commentators in Sport, and the daily Deep Dive — our hot take on the biggest story of the day.

George Osborne also launched his new weekly column in his new role as Editor in Chief of the Standard - “Don’t let the blockheads win — on the economy there are reasons to be cheerful”

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