ESI Media partners with San Miguel on its Rich List 2018 campaign.

  • In-station activations at London’s Kings Cross, Birmingham and Edinburgh
  • Handed out bespoke Rich List magazines to commuters

ESI launched in-station activations at London’s Kings Cross, Birmingham and Edinburgh to promote San Miguel's Rich List campaign and hand out its bespoke Rich List Magazine to commuters.

The activation - Find Your Rich - used the latest facial recognition technology, to scan travellers' features while they watched a short film of alternative wealth and experience images. It then calculated where they were on the “Rich Life” scale – how much they value material wealth or are driven by rich experiences - based on their facial responses.

San Miguel has been exploring the world since 1890, and it believes that true wealth comes from amazing life experiences rather than material and financial gain. The San Miguel Rich List recognises incredible men and women who have dedicated their lives to pursuing the most valuable thing of all: experience.

The Rich List campaign aims to inspire millennial drinkers to see it as an aspirational brand with a premium point of view and values. This is the second year running that San Miguel has partnered with ESI Media to promote its Rich List Campaign. It connects with ESI readers who are inspired by people pushing the boundaries of living and experiencing life fully. In 2017, through the ESI partnership, awareness of the San Miguel Rich List increased by 227% and 39% of people who saw the campaign said they were more likely to drink San Miguel as a result.

San Miguel Kings Cross
King's Cross activation
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