Living Life 2.0: How brands can help consumers squeeze the most out of life.

  • The Evening Standard launches new research, Life 2.0 at Festival of Marketing 2019. Be the first to hear about it.

We are really excited to be launching some brand new research from the Evening Standard at this year’s Festival of Marketing!

Called Life 2.0, it explores how a busier and more pressurised life is impacting consumer behaviour. A fuller, more enriched lifestyle, or Life 2.0, has never been more important, both for our physical wellbeing and our mental health.

The research looks at new consumer segment, Optimisers, who want to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of their day. They use the resources available to them – media, tech, products and services – to improve, enhance and customise their experiences, and to buy back their time

The Festival of Marketing audience will hear how brands can play a key part in helping consumers live life to the fullest in this way, achieving a more balanced and enriched life.

The panel session will be hosted by our Evening Standard, Executive Digital Editor, Amira Hashish alongside:

  • Rupesh Patel, Planning Insights & Evaluation Controller - Sky
  • Ian Murray, Co-Founder - House 51
  • Pip Black, Co-founder - Frame
  • Professor Philip Corr, Professor of Psychology - City, University of London

Come along to our session on Thursday 10 Oct at 14:00 on the Creative Brand Thinking Stage if you're there!

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