Lucozade Sport launches UK's first 'Movers' List.

  • In partnership with The Independent and supported by ambassadors Anthony Joshua and Nikita Parris
  • 50 inspiring community champions who get people moving recognised

Lucozade Sport has launched the UK’s first Movers List celebrating the people who get other people moving. The Lucozade Sport Movers List, in partnership with The Independent, recognises 50 individuals whose volunteering, charity work or dedication to sport and exercise inspires local communities to move more.

The list was compiled by Lucozade Sport and judged by sports experts and stars including heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua and England Lioness footballer Nikita Parris. It highlights the amateur sportspeople who are helping get the UK more active. They include a 27-year-old instructor who combines yoga with paddleboarding; a 35-year-old reformed gang member who organises community BMX rides; a 75 year-old IronGran triathlete who set up fitness classes for OAPs; the inventor of walking football, which now has 40,000 players in the UK alone; and the founder of RockFit, a fitness class set to rock music and using air guitar moves to keep fit.

The Movers List is released alongside new research from Lucozade Sport that shows 75 per cent of people have made a conscious effort to exercise more regularly and for longer in the past year.

The Independent is hosting the list on a dedicated online channels featuring a gallery of the 50 Movers, films and interviews from Independent journalist Emma Ledger. The channel will be supported with the release of regular content and advertising. Lucozade Sport will also host The Movers List on its own media channels and support it through the release of a limited edition book, PR, advertising, social media influencers, sport ambassadors and paid social.

“The Movers List celebrates the unsung heroes and heroines who are selfless in their commitments to helping communities move more. Our research has unearthed an incredibly diverse list of movers across different sports, exercise and fitness activities, that are all united with a passion to get people active and help others discover the benefits and joy of movement. We are proud to publish the inaugural Movers List and hope that it inspires people to find their own communities and move more.”
Hannah Norbury , Marketing Director at Lucozade Sport
“The beauty of sport is that everyone from Nikita Parris to Anthony Joshua to you or me starts their sporting journey in the same place. The Movers List shines a light on those unsung heroes who help all of us along that journey. It's a great privilege to be a part of.”
Ben Burrows , Sports editor at The Independent
“The Independent readers have a huge desire to learn from and celebrate people who are social champions, just like those on the Movers List. Through a fully integrated and content rich partnership of this nature, brands can engage our progressive and free thinking audience – in this case, spreading the amazing work of these individuals around the UK and making sure future generations are inspired to get moving.”
Steve Cording , Head of Sponsorship at ESI Media

The Lucozade Sport Movers List was conceived and produced by The Academy PR.

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