London Stands Together.

  • Evening Standard and ES Magazine work with artists Sir Peter Blake and Anthony Burrill to create campaigns in the face of crisis

Evening Standard

Sir Peter Blake has created a special rainbow for the Evening Standard as “a symbol of hope” for Londoners during the coronavirus pandemic.

The picture bears the slogan “London Stands Together”, a tribute to the capital’s sense of solidarity at a time when we are kept apart physically.

Standard readers are encouraged to cut out the image, on the back page of Wednesday's paper, or download it HERE to print out and put it in their windows.

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Evening Standard London Stands Together
Sir Peter has created a special rainbow for the Standard ( Sir Peter Blake )

Evening Standard Magazine

Evening Standard Magazine launches We Are One cover for the Thursday 26 March edition collaborating with graphic artist Anthony Burrill to create an optimistic campaign cover in the face of crisis.

A letter from the editor, Laura Weir:

As the capital faces one of the worst crises in its history, there is one thing that will pull us through and that is you, us, our community.

Today, ES Magazine publishes its We Are One cover, an artwork designed by Anthony Burrill to unite London as we come together to fight the impact that Covid-19 is having upon our city and its people. #Londontogether is our message to you this week and in the pages of this magazine, in the daily newspaper and online at, we will of course be bringing you news and ways to survive isolation, but also ideas on how to help others as we navigate the new normal that is a more remote and isolated life.

It is only through checking that your neighbour’s children have enough to eat (and doing so while obeying the Government’s public proximity guidelines); that your friend with mental health problems is holding up; or by FaceTime-ing, Zooming or Housepartying with friends using the myriad digital ways to stay in touch, without being in physical contact, that we will get through this unprecedented time.

We also need to be kind. This is not a time for hoarding but a time for giving — for not taking the last onion or bottle of bleach off the shelves, for paying it forward in the hope that the shopper behind you got the empathy memo, too. Some lives are being completely shattered by this virus, so make sure you aren’t helping to wield the hammer. Be generous, be aware, and even though you might be inside them, think beyond your four walls.

Remember, London, We Are One. United. Always.

Es Mag Cover 27 03 20
We Are One cover by Anthony Burrill
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