How you can disrupt the commute in the thick of an election to get noticed..

  • Want to place a topical cover wrap around next week's general election in the politicians favourite newspaper, The Evening Standard?

How can you disrupt the evening commute in the thick of an election to get noticed, get acted on and drive response?

The Evening Standard circulation increases by 3% and traffic spikes by up to 45% during a General Election week. Evening Standard readers are over twice as likely to be VERY interested in politics, to be knowledgeable on the subject and to convince others about politics and public affairs (TGI, Adobe Analytics).

The Evening Standard is the favourite newspaper of politicians, so no better time and place to cover wrap the Evening Standard to disrupt the commute. Non-reading commuters can double your Evening Standard cover wrap reach, allowing you to broadcast to over 2.4 million London commuters.

Contextual creative around a key calendar event works, proven with the recent Valspar cover wrap, placed on the 3rd September - the day parliament returned from the summer break. Valspar celebrated the diverse opinions of Londoners with a topical and tongue in cheek creative. Half of those that saw the ad agreed that a topical as is more liekly to grab attention. 32% said that the ad raised their awareness of Valspar paint. (Onepulse, PAMCo, ABC, ONS)

If you are interested in contextual advertising your brand around next's weeks General Election, we have availability across W/C 9 December. Contact

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