How brands can help consumers squeeze the most out of life.

  • Evening Standard launches new research Life 2.0 to agencies and clients at Petersham Nurseries on 19 November

Life is increasingly busy and more pressurised. A fuller, more enriched lifestyle, or Life 2.0, has never been more important for our physical wellbeing and our mental health.

Brand new research from the Evening Standard shows that against this backdrop, Londoners are leading the way with a new consumer behaviour, all built around the Optimisation Economy.

These Optimisers want to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of their day. They use the resources available to them – media, tech, products and services – to improve, enhance and customise their experiences, and to buy back their time.

We invited media agencies and clients to join us at Petersham Nurseries on 19 November 2019 as we launched Life 2.0. They found out why brands must take notice of this audience group and how they can help consumers live a more enjoyable and enriched life.

Evening Standard Digital Executive Editor, Amira Hashish, hosted a panel discussion alongside:

  • Ian Murray, Co-Founder - House 51
  • Professor Philip Corr, Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Economics - City, University of London
  • Rupesh Patel, Planning Insights & Evaluation Controller - Sky
  • Alice Ter Haar, Deliveroo and Founder of Badass Unicorn

Sky & Deliveroo related to this 'optimising' behaviour and could recognise their product offering is shaped to attract this audience. Deliveroo's product of high-quality takeaway's, fast delivery to your front door and Sky's latest product offering 'Sky Q' and their 'all in one place, easy' campaign is designed for optimisers. These products allow consumers to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of their day. When people are time poor, typically in cities like London, they will pay extra to not miss out on experiences.

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Why we chose Petersham Nurseries?

“Petersham Nurseries has created a place of calm where you can reconnect with nature, restoring a sense of balance and space. By celebrating aspects of the home, garden and food, we offer a destination that encourages you to step back and embrace a lifestyle of positive living.”

Lara Boglione

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