The Evening Standard presents The Secret Gin Garden.

  • The immersive tasting experience featured live music, theatre, mixologists and food pairings carefully selected to stimulate the senses.

The Secret Gin Garden presented by the Evening Standard took place last Wednesday, 8 May, which was part of the Evening Standard Speakeasy series.

The secret speakeasy venue was revealed to be at London’s idyllic Clifton Nurseries. Guests were given a masterclasses from gin experts and ambassadors, understanding the distilling process and the diverse range of flavours and aromas from juniper, citrus peel, liquorice, coriander, lavender and more.

The experience was open to anybody whether you were a gin novice or an aficionado. The Evening Standard partnered with Master of Malt, Marylebone Gin, The London Essence Company, The Spirit of One and Theodore Gin for the event, showcasing their expert knowledge of gin and sharing their botanical flavours.

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