Evening Standard launches new wellness content strand on the Lifestyle channel.

  • The wellness channel focuses on popular content including; Self-Care, Wellness Travel & Nutrition and Gut Health. launched a new wellness content strand on the Lifestyle channel to capture the attention of the 2 million 'stressed urbanites' readers. Stressed Urbanites are those who find it difficult to balance work, children and social life.

The rise of the wellness movement has meant that self-care is no longer just something for the rich and famous but something that everyone now has an interest in.

From detoxing to depression, kombucha to ketogenic diets, the Evening Standard’s new Wellness section covers the following pillars:

SELF-CARE: Sleep, mindfulness, mental health, yoga and alternative therapies

WELLNESS TRAVEL: Retreats, medical spas and digital detoxes

NUTRITION & GUT HEALTH: Two regular columnists Eve Kalinik & Kim Pearson

The Evening Standard Wellness Editorial Team consists of: Suzannah Ramsdale, Rosie Fitzmaurice, Chloe Street.

The channel also has some talented contributors on board: Roger Frampton, Jenya Emets, Eve Kalink, Dervla Louli, Pamela Marshall, Kim Pearson.

There are a variety of partnership opportunities for this channel from sponsorship, editorial features, video features and events. If you are interested in any of these please email:

PAMCo Oct-Sep-18; TGI Clickstream Q4 2018

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